Blocks, Sands & Aggregates

Here at Perry's, we stock a wide range of blocks, sands and aggregates. View them here:

Concrete Blocks

Concrete-Blocks.jpg100mm 7Newton

140mm 7Newton





Insulation Blocks

Insulation-Blocks.jpg100mm Thermalite Shield 

Can be used on the inside skin of a cavity wall providing for better thermal values in your property.





Sands & Aggregates 

SandsBag.jpgBuilding Sands

For blockwork, brickwork and rendering walls and concrete mixes.

Available in: 25kg bags, Dumpy bags and loose




SandsDumpy.jpgCoarse Sand

For use under patio slabs, paths and pavers. 

Available in: dumpy bags, loose, 25kg bags




SandsDumpy.jpg3/4" Dust or 20mm Dust

Mainly used as a concrete mix when cement is added.

Available in dumpy bags, loose and 25kg bags.