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Chemical Additives

Perry's Builders Merchants stocks a wide supply of chemical additives, perfect for adding to paints and coatings, adhesives and other substances to help to make things waterproof as well as protecting general wear.

Mortar Plasticisers


Mortar plasticiser 

Improves the workability of mortars, reduces grittiness and improves durability and Protection against frost.

5 Litre container.



Concentrated-Mortar-Plasticiser.pngconcentrated mortar plasticiser

A concentrated plasticiser with integral measuring chamber for a more accurate dosage. 

1 Litre container.

Water RESISTANCE & Seals



Provides Protection against driving rain and damp. It also prolongs the mix setting time to allow larger areas to be worked in a single application.

5 Litre container.



Integral-Waterproofer.pngintegral waterproofer

A liquid additive that provides long-term protection from water damage to mortar, concrete, renders and screeds. Suitable for pool and tank linings, roof areas, external rendering and structures below ground level. 

5 Litre container.




Provides a water repellent finish and prevents attacks by water penetration on porous surfaces such as brick, stone, masonry, plaster, plasterboard, pebble-dash, paving slabs and block paving.

5 Litre container.



Path-and-Patio-Seal.pngPath & patio seal

Seals and protects patios, paths (natural, stone and block paving), concrete and concrete floors (e.g garages) from the effects of sunlight, water, oil petrol and fungal mould growth.

5 Litre container.



Black-Jack.pngBlack jack damp proof membrane

Provides an effective damp proof membrane for floors, for waterproofing walls, above ground structures and foundations. 

5 Litre container.




Resen based, fibre reinforced, roof repair compound, instantly waterproofs, resists algae and fungal growth. Effective on all common roofing surfaces.

5 Litre container.

Brick and Patio Cleaner


Removes stains and limescale from brickwork, concrete, paving, tiles, scaffolding, tools and more. It also cleans away dirt, grime and algae.

5 Litre container.

Colours for Cement


An additive for cement to change the colour of the finish mortar.

Available in buff, brick red, yellow, black and russet brown.

1 Litre container.




A ready to use, water-based, general purpose bonding agent. It can be used as an adhesive, a primer, an admixture, bonding agent and a dust proofer.

5 Litre container.




Latex water resistant. Bonding agent and admix which improves the water resistance, flexibility and long term durability of renders, flood screeds, concrete and patching mortar. It is especially useful in areas subject to high humidity, dampness and continual water contact.

5 Litre container.



Geo-fix.jpgGeo Fix paving jointing Compound

Fills joints between paving slabs (known as pointing), resists weed and plant growth, totally weatherproof, unaffected by frost. Brush into joints.