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Plasters & Bagged materials

Perry's Builders Merchants are happy to stock a huge range of high quality plasters and bagged materials.


THistle-Multi.jpgThistle Multi

A gypsum finish plaster providing a smooth, high-quality finish to internal walls and ceilings. Requires only the addition of water for use. 

Coverage 10m2 at 2mm thickness. 25kg bag. 



Thistle-Hardwall.jpgThistle Hardwall

An undercoat plaster suitable for most masonry backgrounds. 

Coverage 2m2 at 13mm thickness. 25kg bag. 

Bonding Compound 


Used as a plasterboard adhesive to most masonry backgrounds.

Coverage 5m2. 25kg bag. 




Mastercrete-Cement.jpgMastercrete cement

A multi-purpose cement which contains additives.

25kg bag




Premium-Cement.jpgPremium Cement

Premium quality portland cement used in many applications where site mixing is required.

25kg bag.





A white portland cement usually used as a decorative finish. 

25kg bag. 

Hydrated Lime

Hydrated-Lime.jpgUsed for increased plasticity and cohesiveness in cement, mortars and renders.

25kg bag.